Code Zero – Quick Launch with Huge Feature Set

How do you not just Sell Maritime Lifestyle, but Exude it?

To keep in touch with your customers in the long term, you have to be able to adapt your brand quickly.

Code Zero realized they wouldn't be able to launch a new online shop this quickly, using a traditional shop system.

That's why speed was Code Zero's top priority when launching their new maritime lifestyle brand with the Spryker Commerce OS.
Fast launch – Code Zero was able to launch their brand-new store in under 100 days.

Fast development – new features and integrations went live in a matter of days – not months.

Customer centricity - customers are able to find products and complete a purchase with just a few clicks.

What are the features that matter to Code Zero most?

For CEO Nico Heer, the Code Zero brand is about far more than functional products.


“Visions of sailing adventures, fine weather, rough seas and yacht clubs invoke a deep sense of yearning. Code Zero is all about getting a little closer to these dreams.”

Obviously, this only works with the right content in the right places – implemented by Spryker with their versatile CMS.

Spryker's extensive CMS features allow for quick and easy branding and can be updated en masse across an entire shop. CMS pages combine product and content data to offer customers an ideal shopping experience through constantly displaying relevant information. Images can be used for marketing, promotions, product recommendations, and much more.
For Code Zero’s marketing team, the ability to quickly enter product data and edit teasers was a dream come true.
Code Zero CMS phone
Code Zero didn't just care about having a great content strategy but also needed to ensure that their customers made their purchases quickly. By embedding Spryker's Quick Shop function on the home and category pages, Code Zero enabled their customers to select their size simply by hovering over products, allowing users to access the shopping cart after only two clicks. It's a simple way to make shopping efficient both for first-time customers and for repeat shoppers who are already familiar with your products.


Code Zero's shop needed to remain agile and flexible in its performance. Amazon Web Services was integrated as a basis for the hosting management of root360.


Spryker's comprehensive Discount & Promotions Tool allowed Code Zero to tailor individualized discounts to each customer. These types of custom promotions dramatically increase the performance of their clearance sales and special campaigns.
Spryker's easy-to-use Mobile Responsive Design enabled Code Zero to build channels capable of reaching their customers at home or on the go. Their high-performance, easy-access Mobile Shop plays a pivotal role in how it reaches its outdoorsy target demographic.

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