EIGENSONNE – On the Sunny Side with Spryker State Machine

Going Beyond E-Commerce


The conventional and sustainable energy market is largely dominated by traditional electrical retailers and specialist local companies. For the customers, this often results in a tedious and difficult purchasing process.

This is exactly where EIGENSONNE comes in, with the goal of making the process of choosing and installing a photovoltaic system as simple and transparent as possible.

Going digital - the EIGENSONNE business model

In a matter of seconds, an initial offer is made to the customer with the help of a yield calculator. After offering a personal consultation to customers, and eventually concluding the transaction, EIGENSONNE also facilitates the installation on site. How is this different to conventional providers? Up until the installation step, the entire process takes place online. Consequently, when EIGENSONNE was looking for high-performance technology to launch its complex business model, Spryker was their only viable option.
Instead of working with a range of largely incompatible systems, we were looking to use one platform for all processes covering the consultation, sales, and installation of PV systems."

- Michael Aigner, Co-Founder and CTO EIGENSONNE

How a Modular Back-end Produces Harmonized Data Streams

Modular-01The Spryker Commerce OS provides a solid base for the back-end for the solar energy provider. All systems are brought together behind the scenes, where data streams are processed and securely stored.

The modular structure of the software makes the integration of external interfaces and systems smooth. This becomes a particular advantage if you are looking to harmonize different systems or expand them later.

How does the Spryker State Machine help EIGENSONNE?

The Spryker State Machine supports order management processes for commerce business models. It also allows other complex processes to be digitally conceptualized, mapped and executed – which came in particularly handy for EIGENSONNE’s highly individualized business logic. When using a State Machine, processes are automated and can be extended or changed with the simplest tools and without an ERP system. The graphic representation also plays an important role here. Individual steps and statuses can be mapped and complicated processes can be easily illustrated.

EIGENSONNE has created different State Machines. Here’s an illustration of their sales process, divided into 12 steps. The team divided the rather complex process of preparing the offer and closing the sale into five different process categories and packed these into logical, successive steps. New or updated process elements can be integrated within a few hours or a couple of days at most. The visualization is so user-friendly that every stakeholder in the business can understand everything without having to get involved in the technical aspects.

Whether you want to map a linear process or set up multiple State Machines with deep sub-processes, Spryker offers this functionality for all users - at no extra cost.

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