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Winners don't just fly by with run-of-the-mill code

An out-of-the-box system or specialized software - nowadays, companies from all business sectors have a wide range of selection when it comes to the right commerce software. Many entrepreneurs prefer standardized software for financial reasons, others opt for a more specialized one and with it the complete ownership of code, data, and hardware. But what happens if you grow out of your standard software?


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The Strategies of Digital B2B Pioneers

You will find many opinions on the topic of digitization in B2B  - but what you don't find yet: solid facts and cases that prove which strategies really work. We want to change this with exclusive insights and hands-on recommendations.


Car Commerce

In this day and age many vehicles already come equipped with the connectivity that allows us to learn more about customer behavior and vehicle performance.

But what will be possible tomorrow?

By the end of 2020, four out of five vehicles will be sold with connectivity. As a profit hub for numerous suppliers, software companies, advertising agencies and obviously car manufacturers, the potential of Car Commerce is clearly in the potential as an additional distribution and communication channel.

How can I benefit from this?

Conversational Commerce

We spend 90% of our time on messenger platforms in our phone while, on average, only about 5 different apps are used on a smartphone.

Are chatbots the solution to retain customers?

Conversational Commerce, as an intersection of messaging and shopping, offers a new way of sealing the deal with customers. By 2020, more than 80 percent of businesses should be using some type of chatbot automation that increases the market size to 3 billion USD.

What tasks can a bot take on and what are the advantages offered by chatbots and voice bots for a company?

IoT Smart Home

The basis for digital networking of end devices, systems and people in the smart home is the Internet of Things (IoT). This not only opens up new dimensions in the development of intelligently networked products, services, and business models. It can simplify the lives of end consumers in the long term and mean great and profitable added value for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and retailers.
Security is redefined by the Smart Home. On the one hand by alarm systems, which open up a new dimension of monitoring your own home, and on the other hand by improving personal security.
The development of intelligent products, services and processes is still a challenge for companies and manufacturers. So you may wonder: How can the start or expansion of IoT processes be made simple and future-proof and what technical and organizational challenges does innovation bring with it? We will help you to answer this question.


B2B Transformation

Buying products like at Amazon - this is what more and more B2B buyers expect from their suppliers.

B2B traders who want to successfully establish themselves on the market in the future must be able to quickly implement new ideas and customer requirements and become pioneers in the field of digital innovations. Do you want to become a digital pioneer with your B2B company? We will help you!


Why B2B Companies do not Need to be Afraid of Amazon if They get Things Right

Some B2B companies still feel vulnerable to new online portals because their sales reps rely on personalized service. Do the generally valid concepts from B2C also exist in B2B? We will answer this and other questions together with the B2B industry expert Lennart Paul. Learn more about which aspects are crucial for digital transformation besides customer focus and software automation.