How Connected Cars Give Rise to Car Commerce

The automotive industry is experiencing the biggest technological changes since the invention of the combustion engine.
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Connected Car Launches by Year

How Relevant is Car Commerce today?

There are already more mobile phones than people. 2017 will see Internet of Things (IoT) devices, that is internet enabled devices, globally surpassing mobile phones as primary connectors. The number of connected cars will grow from 59m to 381m. By the end of 2020 as many as 4 out of 5 new cars will be sold with connectivity.  Facing these changes in infrastructure, development and revenue streams, how will connected cars impact the way we use our car?   


  • What are the opportunities for car commerce?
  • Which revenue streams will pay off for automotive players?
  • How do you ensure a seamless and safe customer experience?

Explore these questions and get a head start on the latest developments in the automotive industry.
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