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E-Commerce Success Guide

Concentrated e-commerce knowledge - in 15 minutes

Invest 15 minutes of reading time and gain a clear and concise insight into the most important aspects of digitization. Drive the transformation of your business and learn how to avoid common mistakes in focus, process execution and structural alignment.

Experiences, Recommendations and Expert Statements

Integration Expertise in 15 minutes

For you not to step into any of the numerous software integration traps, we asked insiders and experts from the leading digital agencies and Spryker partners about their experiences with pain points in system integration and, of course, about the appropriate solution approaches for the challenge in integration management.


This is how the MVP works

Best practices, recommendations and expert opinions

Invest 15 minutes of reading time and gain a clear and concise insight into the most important aspects of the MVP approach. Implement your projects faster and more cost-effectively and learn how to avoid common mistakes in focus and process implementation.

The Guide for Smooth Migration

Replatforming made easy

In our guide, you will find out what preparation work needs to be done for a successful migration, in which steps an optimal replatforming process should be tackled, and which aspects need to be considered in each phase - from the scope over data migration to the final go-live.

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The Guide for Efficient Digitization

Learn from digital pioneers

Digital commerce is booming: the online share of total turnover is growing continuously and e-commerce companies are increasing their turnover from year to year. Nevertheless, the term "digitization" still seems to be deceptive for many companies - but why is that? How can analog processes be transferred to the online world and what conditions are required? In our guide we answer these questions and help you to optimize your processes.

The Guide for a Trouble-Free Digitization

There are countless consultants, coaches, experts and “wantrepreneurs,” and they all pitch best practices for agility, customer-centricity, process optimization, and design. But which of these are just buzzwords and which have already proven themselves in real digital business? In this guide, we summarize the major misconceptions and findings from the OMR 2019 Masterclass “10 Best Practices on How Not to Build a Commerce Project in 2019” with our Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin.

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